About Us


TCA Technologies is a team of deep thinkers with a mindset of helping startups to reach their highly ambitious business goals. Originally founded as Maitrix Infotech, TCA Technologies is now made its foray into the developed markets like Singapore, USA, UK, and India. As a digitally well-versed company, TCA Technologies has a team of leaders to deal with the various forms and stages of establishing a business from the initial steps into their business to giant leaps of success.


Our team of domain experts develop unique breeds, be it shaping a new business or following the legacy of an established one. At TCA Technologies, our aim is to produce breakthrough technologies and well-researched strategies to market them. Our client service doesn’t end with the delivery of a task, rather we dwell deep into the concept and bring out the best potential of the concept to maximize the business. Our team puts in the same energy, expertise and yield the same growth graph while being irrespective of how big or small the businesses are.

  1. Software and Development
    • Mobile App Development (Android and iOS)
    • Website Development
    • Software Development
    • CRM/ERP
    • PHP Frameworks and CRM
  2. Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • E-Commerce Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • E-Mail Marketing
  3. Web Designing and Development
    • UI/UX Design
    • Marketing Creatives

Why Should You Choose Us?

Business means establishing relationships to serve a purpose. At TCA Technologies, we grasp the context of the business model first and then check for the possibilities. This helps us create masterpieces within the budget and role out the project within the strict deadlines.