3 Reasons, How E-Meets Will be the Future of Communication?

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3 Reasons, How E-Meets Will be the Future of Communication?

3 Reasons, How E-Meets Will be the Future of Communication?

E-meetup platforms are the next big thing globally as they are becoming a major part of corporates, events, local gatherings, and international interaction.

Major platforms like Zoom and Microsoft meets have changed the way every business meeting and conference used to happen. 

62 million downloads of such apps were witnessed during the lockdown that took the graph to 2X the earlier numbers. 

Lockdown has brought several opportunities for corporate, startups and even individuals and communication has benefitted the most. Zoom has been an all-time hit during Lockdown and gave inspiration to other similar service providers like Google Duo, WhatsApp, and the newly introduced JioMeet. 

Not just official meetings, people are using these platforms for recreational activities like online family gettogether, birthday parties, and even weddings.

They are actually recreating the future of online communication with the concept of e-meetups. A few application of these communication protocols include

1.  Business meetings and conferences
2.  Recreational activities
3.  Webinars
4.  Online Classes
5.  Product Launches
6.  Weddings
7.  Celebrations
And a lot more.

So, how they are benefitting others and can do so with you too? Here are our 4 reasons on how E-meets will be the future of communication.

1.  Cost-effectiveness

Online meetup is mostly used for official and commercial meetings. While working from home, corporates save a lot of money on a number of aspects. 

A startup housing in 100 employees needs good infrastructure, internet, cafe, pantry, electricity, furniture, computing devices, office rent, and regular maintenance of the same. Corporates are also spending huge money in the cab and car leasing facilities. 

All these expenses add up a huge pile of expenses which are almost non-returning. If employees are working from home, the companies need not bother about all these expenses. 

2.  Convenience and Efficiency

The major part of any meeting is the content and agenda. However, while preparing for a physical meeting, we need to look after a lot of other aspects. Invitee’s list, accommodation, booking slots for everyone, booking meeting rooms, coordination with IT for proper sync between tools and systems, etc. 

The efficiency while doing all this may get hamper and it takes a lot of time that would have used elsewhere in doing some productive tasks.

On the contrary, all these tasks get slashed to just one thing, i.e. inviting people for the meeting. Everything else will get managed automatically and the content will reach the audience in the best possible way.  

3.  Better Employee Participation

Every organization has some solo performers who feel uncomfortable in addressing a crowd. Usually, such introvert people find themselves trapped in their own mental game and construct barriers for themselves, not physically but in their virtual memory. 

E-meet platforms can turn out to be a boon for them as they are virtually they aren’t facing a group but practically, every single attendee is receiving the conversation. Their hidden ideas and execution stories can be given a lift here.

4.  Experience and Personalisation (Bonus)

With the betterment in the efficiency of the employees, the creativity came parallel. People are no more worried about their attire and place of meeting. E-meetups can now happen on the go and while sitting in your home library too. It gives people the freedom to attend the meetings from anywhere and being as comfortable as possible. 

E-meetups also ensure the sharing of data in a more communicative way. While people may find the meeting boring due to weak sound or unclear visuals, e-meetups let them have clear communication and open up a number of questions in order to meet every demand and bring out a robust outcome. 


E-meetups will be ruling the world in the near future. Though it was predicted during the starting months of this year to arrive in a year or two, COVID-19 preponed its schedule to emphasize our productivity.

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