5 Proven Methods to Scale your Internet Marketing Strategies in 2020

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5 Proven Methods to Scale your Internet Marketing Strategies in 2020

5 Proven Methods to Scale your Internet Marketing Strategies in 2020

Internet Marketing will become the new normal after the COVID-19 Pandemic across the globe. It has been ruling the marketing industry for quite some time and the outbreak has given us some solid reasons to follow internet or online marketing in the time to come.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is one of the most affordable ways to reach out to your target audience. it promotes your business online through different mediums to drive traffic, leads, and ultimately sales.

With Internet Marketing in 2020, we do not mean just putting your stuff on the e-commerce stores. Rather, you can have multiple modes of selling your products including your own platform. 

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you should place your business online immediately. But if you don’t know how to market your products online, we are here to help you with that. We are one of the leading internet marketing companies in India. 

So, the question is, even if Internet marketing has become the talk of the town, how to go with it?

In this article, we’ll show you some awesome techniques that will open up your gateway to internet marketing. These marketing strategies and methods will get you some awesome business lead and ideas.

Types of Online Marketing

Internet marketing in modern times is governed by content marketing strategies. Modern marketing techniques focus more on making the consumer aware of the product and the services. 
Let’s discuss 5 best ways to do internet marketing in 2021.

1.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

It is the most common method of getting your business highlighted on the web organically. It is completely based on the searches happening on the internet. 
Each and every search engine has a different algorithm to monitor and verify the user’s search pattern. With SEO, one can have a clearly defined goal and process to reach out to the target audience.

For beginners, SEO strictly works on the AIDA method of marketing. A webpage or website should focus on a few vital elements of their website to get better rankings in SERPs. The first thing is to have thorough keyword research. Your primary keywords should be properly optimized at all necessary spots on your webpage. This includes optimizing URL, Meta, H1, Title, page body, navigation, related links, etc. All these activities are a part of on-page optimization.

These activities let Google understand your page and analyze the same. Without these parameters, Google may skip crawling your webpage and your ranking may either fall remain stable.

Apart from the on-page optimization, Your website should also have off-page optimization which basically is about backlinks. The quality backlinks let your webpage have more traffic through various sources. You can always consult a good provider of SEO services in India to work over quality backlinks.
2.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When everybody is targeting the low hanging fruits, probably selling them can bring decorum. Search engine marketing or paid marketing is the inorganic traffic generation method. In this method, people bid for their desired keywords and the advertisers with the most optimum or maximum bid get their link on the first page of search engines. Multiple bidders get their links as per the bidding amount, but this isn’t the only parameter.  A number of measures need to be taken care off while bidding.

To initiate this, keyword research is the first thing that you need to do in order to execute this marketing technique. It is very important to pick the right keywords as putting money on irrelevant or wrong keywords may leave you out of money without any conversions. Secondly, you should make out a list of the target audience who are supposed to see your ad. 

There could be different types of SEM ads, though the most popular ones are the text and visual-based. The paid search results that come up for service, product or blog search queries on SERPs are majorly text-based. However, you’ll see visuals for e-commerce and ads displayed on websites, apps, and other platforms.

While SEM asks for your money, it is one of the most efficient and faster ways to get footfall and close your deals. Consult one of the best digital marketing agencies in India to get the best traffic for your website. 

3.  Affiliate Marketing

Selling someone else’s goods to earn a commission is called Affiliate Marketing. 
As per research, 81% of brands are selling their products through affiliate marketing. 
As more than half of the world is purchasing its goods online, affiliate marketing has seen its fate rapidly increasing. From small utilities like grocery and stationery to giant products like automobiles, heavy machines and even expensive articles like gold products are now available online. 

Affiliate marketing’s primary objective, like any other online business, is to generate leads. As a marketer, your job is to generate leads via proper targeting and product selection. Brands like CarDekho, MakeMyTrip, Amazon, Meesho, BigBasket, etc. are few of the best business models who set up their foundation as affiliate marketers and now they have their own wing of affiliate marketing to sell their seller’s products. 

This type of marketing can be executed through different mediums including articles, videos, podcasts, etc. Beginners can create their accounts on, say Amazon, will let them have specific links of the desired products. These links can further be shared with buyers and once any product sells, the commission will automatically get credited to your account. Simple!
But if you are concerned about the quality with respect to the competition, it is preferable to partner with a robust SEO company in India.

4.  Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is one of the most underrated marketing techniques. Social media marketing has taken over almost half of the email marketing stuff. But if you compare the stats, Email marketing is still a rockstar when it comes to conversions. 
Like any other marketing strategies, you need to set your target audience first out of all the Email-IDs that you have collected from different sources. Once you are ready with your list of TG, you are good to go for the below email drafting technique. There is no rule to write a mail that gets you 100% conversion or even half of that. 

Writing an Email starts with a catchy subject line that could hold the user’s attention. The Strategy that we mastered is to add a number and a parenthesis to your subjects as it instantly catches attention. This strategy has given us an instant jump in the overall open rate and we got better chances of conversions. 

The body of your mail is the chunk that talks about the purpose of your mail. You can’t simply start your mail with a big plot. Instead, start with some facts and figures or the things that the user will get by the time he/she finishes reading the mail. It needs to be exciting and backed by some data. 

Also, end your mail with a proper CTA. It could either be a link to your landing page, or sign-ups, or anything that your product demands. 

Most importantly, add a P.S. to your mail. It acts as a catalyst as even if people won’t go through your mail, they would definitely give a look to the P.S. Add your CTA there as well.

5.  Social Media Marketing

Social Media has given people golden opportunities to generate leads, become influencers and expand business reach. 

The most popular social media platforms in today’s date for great reach and awareness are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While LinkedIn is a strong community of professionals, YouTube and Tiktok are playing big games with videos.

Generating traffic on these platforms is an art and not even an expert can guarantee the exact techniques to reach all the customers. All these platforms have different strategies for marketing. For eg. Facebook is more focussed towards demographics and age groups, while LinkedIn focuses on profession and locations.

The primary objective of each and every social media campaign should always be clear. The most popular objectives are brand awareness, personal branding, leads and conversion, building community, etc.

So, which one of the above strategies excite you, let us know in the comments. Also, if you would like to take your marketing game ahead with one of the best SEO companies in Delhi NCR, feel free to reach out to us.