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Hello Siri to Ok Google - The Way Search is Changing

Hello Siri to Ok Google - The Way Search is Changing

Internet search is seeing a paradigm shift. Text search is an old school, and Voice Search has become the front runner. You might already be aware of this development, so what is new for you in this article? Let me answer. Do you also know how Voice Search may improve your SEO? Voice Search is instrumental for SEO, and SEO is instrumental in generating higher traffic on your website, all summing to higher revenues. Let's not miss these latest SEO developments and take the first step before your competitor is already in this race.

Quick Fact Check

There are roughly one billion-plus voice searches each month and expected that 50% of all online searches would be Voice searches by 2021. Online Marketers and SEO professionals need to use new marketing strategies to take advantage of this huge potential audience.

Is Your Content Up To Date? 

You must have noticed that all the Smartphones now have voice search functionality and pampers you with a personal assistant. This makes you feel like you are having a normal conversation with a human being and not a machine. Most devices like Smartphones, Laptops or Desktops, Smart Speakers, Smart Appliances, Tablets, and Smart TVs and enabled with artificial-intelligence capabilities. So if your SEO techniques are still based on Text Search and not changing it to Voice Search, it's an alarm. You must keep yourself up to date with the latest algorithms of the search engines, which means changing the way you create content.

Why Voice Search is becoming New Normal

Comfort and Convenience are all we need currently, and Voice Search is famous for the same. It gives you the freedom to multitask. You can continue with your work, and Google will do it's as you do a Voice Search. For example, if I have to search for herbal products or the best restaurant nearby, I need not pause my work and type manually as the same can be done with Voice Search. Let's dig a little deeper and understand the different SEO techniques for Type VS Voice Search marketing. 

  • You speak naturally with Voice search compared to when you Text for searching – When the user Type and search, it focuses on short words like 'latest shoes or dress in trend.' However, Voice searches use a language that one speaks at home or with a friend, a more natural style. Like – 'Google – which shoes shall I buy for running' or 'which are the best herbal manufacturing companies in Delhi.' Your blog and articles should be in a style that matches these search quires to appeal to your audience. You can continue with your best keyword, but at the same time, you should also add questions or phrases that sound natural for voice search.
  • Long Tail Keyword is the Key – Usual keyword searches use only two to three words. In contrast, Voice search often uses six words or more. Such as 'canon DSLR Camera' is a typical Text search type, and in contrast, Voice Search may ask 'difference between Canon and Nikon DSLR camera? Or 'which DSLR is value for money between Canon and Nikon.' To reach this bunch of people, your SEO campaign needs to target the right keywords. Voice search tends to have higher conversion rates compare to Text search.  
  • Featured Snippets – It is vital for both Text and Voice search but very crucial for the latter. If your content can make it for a featured snippet, it becomes Google or Siri’s answer. 
  • Natural Sounding Content – For Voice search, it is best to use a casual tone, and keywords should not sound forced. Your writing looks artificial, then it may not attract your Voice search customers.
The speed, comfort, and Convenience that Voice searches offer are critical steps for SEO. You need to optimize your website for Text and Voice search. You might need to make the required changes to your website to make it Voice search-friendly. Looking at the growing interest in smart devices, Voice search is a smart investment as you know, the early bird catches the worm.

If you want to make these necessary developments, our SEO experts can help you with the latest industry trends. Get started now!!