Hybrid App Development is the New King in the Industry

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Hybrid App Development is the New King in the Industry

Hybrid App Development is the New King in the Industry

Mobile Apps are increasingly in demand in recent times. If stats are to be believed, 40% of mobile users keep visiting play stores to find new apps. In 2017, the total number of app downloads was 178 billion which is expected to grow as good as 256 billion by 2022. As more and more people are now using Smartphones, companies into the product selling businesses have switched their focus on Mobile Apps. Not just this, the aggregator websites including content, travel, home essentials, edutech, etc. are moving towards app while leaving the big computer screens behind.

Difference between Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Mobile app development companies usually create apps for native and hybrid purposes. Native mobile apps are built specifically for single OS and it is created using OS-specific coding language like JAVA, Objective C, etc. They remain connected to the other apps in the user's device including maps, cameras, GPS, Files, etc. These apps, being made for specific OS, works flawlessly, and remain oriented towards brand terminologies and guidelines.

On the other hand, hybrid apps are based on certain frameworks that are custom built and once an app is created, it can be generated for multiple OS. A Javascript and HTML developer can easily work over these frameworks and bring out the desired app interface.

Ionic Framework Software for Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps development companies in India are working on a rapid pace for hybrid apps. The ionic mobile app development is among the pioneer in the same. Ionic framework is an open-source framework to create apps for multiple OS including Windows, iOS, and Android. It allows the developer to code one time and let the system create different versions for the respective play store.

Ionic mobile app framework keeps the native functionality of the app intact. Hence, the specific changes to the app can be made at any given point of time. Ionic lets the system optimize the GPU and rendering to maximize the output.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

The app development industry is going by storm for hybrid applications. One of the most prominent benefits is reducing the human effort for building a complex application. This itself opens up a lot of other possibilities with the same. Let's have a look at the precise list of benefits with hybrid application development.

  1. Low cost of development
  2. Easy to implement
  3. Works like Native App
  4. Saves Time and increases creativity
  5. Great UI and UX
  6. Hybrid, hence multi-platform support
  7. Very effective for novice e-commerce marketplaces

These amazing benefits make the ionic one of the most user-friendly software for mobile app development

How TCA Technologies can help you?

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