Video Marketing: 3 Steps to create a Robust Video Campaign for your Brand

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Video Marketing: 3 Steps to create a Robust Video Campaign for your Brand

Video Marketing: 3 Steps to create a Robust Video Campaign for your Brand

Video marketing has been consistently growing and evolving since the year 2017 when 63% of businesses used video marketing as a business expansion tool. This number grew to 81% in 2018 and 87% in 2019.

Video marketing is now a new way to produce content. However, this doesn’t mean written content has lost its value. There are a majority of people who still prefer blogs and articles due to various reasons. Video marketing has become very common due to the big slash on internet prices, attention-grabbing visuals, and better recall. 

So if you are starting up with a robust video marketing strategy for your business, this article will get you a lot of ideas and leads.

So, What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the way of educating and showing up your business to your target audience. It also helps businesses for a bigger audience and expansion through social engagement and brand awareness.

Now let’s start with the 3 step video marketing strategy:

1.  Define your Audience:

A video marketing campaign is just like any other marketing drive that has a defined set of audience. To do so, just think of who your target customer is; as a technology and digital marketing service company, we aim for audiences who are willing to have great software and want to promote their business online. 
One of the easiest ways to analyze this is by knowing more about your existing customers and their demands. This will give you awesome insights to identify your target audience.
If you have just started with your business, you can identify the audience by digging deep into your competitor’s profile and what kind of clients they are holding. This way you’ll get the idea of how to execute this in no time.

2.  Create Objectives for your Video

One should not produce a video on any random thought. It should be highly actionable and should produce benefits in terms of either better leads, shares, subscribers, or likes. There could be a lot of objectives behind any video campaign, however, there are 3 most important ones.

  • Education
When some search on the search engine “How to do internet marketing?”, the user is intended to know or get educated about how internet marketing works. Such queries should be targeted for education-oriented objective and the result should produce some knowledge about the topic.

  • Brand Awareness
These videos are more focused on building the brand’s identity among the user and are often called as commercials. Such videos depict their products and motives behind the brands through storytelling. They also focus on establishing better brand recall through visuals and building a brand story.
  • Entertainment 
Entertainment videos could be a travelogue and people find it interesting to see but they may not visit that place. For a business perspective, an entertainment video could be a journey of the business or an event that you probably have organized for your employees. Think of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie to understand this better.

3. Content Creation

This is the major part that decides the fate of your videos. Your content should be as good as getting likes, comments, and shares. If your video is going to play on TV or billboards, it should have an awesome story that can keep people reminded of your brand.

Out of a lot of aspects of having robust content for your content, here are the most important ones:

  • Best Length of your Video
Your video should have a length that your target audience is willing to see. A commercial can range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, while an entertainment or educational video may range between a few minutes to several hours. It completely depends upon how meaty your content is and how interesting you can make it.

  • Format of your Video
There is no thumb rule to create a video that gets caught by your target audience. It has been seen people getting thousands and millions of views on their videos who shot their videos while sitting in their living area, while several videos with a lot of actions and graphics didn’t receive any exciting number of views.

  • A video can be started with a problem that your TG or target group is facing and they turned to your webpage for a solution. This part of the video will address the exact thing that they have been looking for on Google or YouTube. 
  • Next comes the teaser of the results the users can expect to learn after ending up watching the video till the end. 
  • The 3rd part is the detailed content that you have decided to present. 

4.   Marketing your Videos

Once you are ready with your final video, it’s time to get it highlighted on social media. Getting organic traffic on your videos is the best thing that your videos can have. If your videos are on YouTube, you can always go for YouTube SEO to get great footfalls and optimized it for almost every marketing purpose. 

However, if you plan to get your videos marketed through ads, you may do the same on Facebook and YouTube itself. Facebook can get you great leads and brand awareness. It is also very cheap than any other platform. Also, if you want to run ads on YouTube, get a teaser for your video which can engage the user in the initial 5 seconds. 

So if you are clear with the audience that you wish to target, Facebook can get you the desired outcome. 

5.  Fighting off the basic struggles

Two of the most basic struggle that everyone faces are:

  • Facing the Camera
  • Video Producing Equipment
A lot of people feel awkward talking to a camera despite knowing that the video being produced will be seen by thousands of people. It comes from the individual’s will to go for it. The only things that matters are Content and Format. You may take some time to face the camera comfortably but eventually, you will get awesome videos for your video.

Similarly, to make a video for YouTube, your smartphone is the best asset and you may not need anything else. If you can follow the format and build actionable content, you are good to go.


It’s about creating content for the right audience and in the right format. These 5 tips are highly actionable and build insane traffic and lead for businesses.

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