TCA Technologies ("TCA" or "we" or "our company" or "the company") has been excelling in technology and digital marketing along with various social causes across Indian borders. We are dedicated to extending our helping hands for underprivileged and contributing towards improving people’s health, education, infrastructure, supporting women and child, and preserving the culture.


Our objectives towards CSR policy intend to

  • The economic development of the society and helping underprivileged people suffering from hunger, poverty, lack of education, malnutrition, and accommodation.
  • Enhance environmental betterments and help societies and ruling bodies to nurture the same.

Following the Companies Act 2013, We abide by the following target areas.

  • Education – We promote education along with employment amplifying skills and courses for children, women, seniors, and differently-abled citizens
  • Food, Nutrition and Poverty – Being essentials for a livelihood, we are aggressive towards supplying basic necessities to survive including nutritious food, monetary help, and special benefits under certain cases.
  • Health and Environmental Development – We understand that cleanliness drives healthy lives. We take care of proper intoxication and sanitisation of required places and work towards the advancement of the environment. We work towards conservation of natural resources, a balance between wildlife and flora & fauna, and the best possible life of water, water bodies and soil.
  • Art, Culture and Heritage – We promote restoration, renovation and protection of national heritage, culture, and art. We encourage building new sources of education and knowledge enhancing places including libraries and the internet.


TCA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will undertake the CSR activities as per the approval of the CSR committee. Any excess amount/money/resource will not be used for business or as a business profit. The location o=for the CSR activities will be governed and decided by the CSR Committee.


TCA will form a registered trust to take charge of CSR activities in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013. This entity (say TCA Foundation) will support the company board and CSR committee to take care of the CSR activities.

TCA Technologies with its CSR entity (TCA Foundation) welcomes funding throughout the 365 days or calendar year. The fund will be analysed and allotted as per the need required by the CSR committee.

The monitoring of projects and their status will happen with a collaboration between TCA and stakeholders and the final report will be shared with the CSR committee to streamline the requirements.