Local SEO

Local SEO Made Simple with TCA

If Content is King, SEO is Queen. Search Engine Optimization is consider being the most gruelling marketing tactic in the digital market mix bundle. SEO helps making website more visible in search engine result page. A thorough SEO work will show your website in the top of the search result. This would increase the chances of driving more traffic. Search engine search the internet for the text typed in searched box. If searched text also known as keywords matches with your website article or product, you stand a good chance to appear in top of the result. Search engine also consider titles, heading and links to rank a website.

Business Model and SEO

The first five search results are tends to get 70% of clicks. This clearly shows how important is SEO. If you appear on the second page of search, it is as good as you don't exist. Google SEO has more than 200 filtering actors. And your search appearance will depend upon your business model. There are two types of business model, quick earnings and long term prospect. With TCA affordable local SEO services you can pick the one which suits your business the most. Making quick bucks will make you stay on your toes and you need to come up with new ways to elude the rules with every search engine updates. On the other hand, long term earnings will be achieved by building sustainable online business. You have to provide audience best content possible and easy access by playing according to the search engine rules.

SEO Strategy

SEO is like Ayurveda medicine, results takes time but you get a definite success. Let's understand SEO strategy methodically.

Clear Objective

You can majorly operate two types of business online. Either trying to sell products to earn or monetize through ads. First one will ask to drive relevant traffic and second one focus on more traffic to earn through ad clicks. If you want to increase your product sales, you need to make your site attractive, instructive with specified details to optimize search and conversions both. If you want to make money through ads, you need to attract new readers through search. Your focus shall be on engaging and entertaining content, info graphics and videos.

Know your Visitors

You need to understand your visitor's demographics to cater them with appropriate requirements. With the help of analytics software you can get a better picture of your visitors. Once you are able to break down the demographics, you can then develop SEO campaign suitable to your visitors. For example - If you site focus on teens, you might want to make you content more of images and less of text. Make sure your site is mobile responsive as 80% of teen users browse internet through mobile.


It's all about keywords. Keep an eye on your site analytics. Periodically analyze your SEO and understand what is working and what is not. You can find that out by looking into page views, links, comments, social shares and lot more. Repeat the patterns working for you and amends the one not driving expected results. You can hire affordable local SEO Company to work all this for you appositely.

WordPress users alone publish 24 blog posts every second. It goes without saying how challenging it would be to stand out. Hence, showing up on the first page of search result will differentiate a business that's thriving and one that's, well, bankrupt. TCA Technologies is affordable local SEO Company in India. Our professional team with expertise in this stream will help you to improve your search rankings by adding relevant keywords to your product or content resulting in driving higher traffic and better conversion rates.