Create Goodwill with Online Reputation Management

When it comes to reputation, perception matters the most. Online reputation management (ORM) means building and maintaining a digital public image. It is an ongoing task to craft, develop, and uphold your online brand name. A positive review and a 5-star rating paint your online reputation with the best colors.

Traditional reputation management involves leaking of good stories and hiding the bad ones to buy the good press. In ORM, you are set up a strategy to respond to online reviews customers have left on popular pages or sites like Google and many more for your business.

Fact Check

The Internet has become the first and foremost stop for everything we do in current times. When you Google yourself or your company and what search shows are your online reputation. Let dig on some figures:

  • 67% of people consider the internet as the most reliable source of information about an individual or a business.
  • More than 65% of managers check the online profile of an interviewee before closing the interview process.
  • Sizeable 80% of reputation damage is the sheer gap between hearsay and reality.

These statics can change the shape of your business forever and controlling the damage can be very challenging.


Online reputation can make or break a business that doesn't matter it is a start-up or established one. The fake or biased review can hamper your online reputation. Unfortunately, even in this developed IT arena, these issues can't go away on its own.

  • Positive Brand Identity : With "freedom of expression" and people becoming more active on the internet, one tweet or a post about a bad experience can impact your search engine ranking outrageously. With the proper germane of ORM from professionals, you can gauge your image back and can achieve tangible results.
  • Negative Reviews : Most of the sites have reviews system and users don't hesitate to express their negative feedback. This can hinder your reputation resulting in a sales decline. Addressing this criticism on site might not be enough, you need ORM.
  • Downbeat Media Coverage : You can afford to mess with anyone but media. A bad press, unfavorable print, and online media can badly impact your company image. TCA online reputation management company doesn't believe in invalidate negative reviews especially if they are objective and fair. However, we ensure your brand accurately represented wherever your prospective customers are looking for you.
  • Social Media Monitoring : In the current time, companies should have a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring public image. With the help of internet marketing, you can manage everything from blogs to tweets, to social media handles, and more. Resulting in improving your company's ORM.
  • Ubiquitous Presence : ORM applies to all types of businesses and brands. Consumer product, food, service apartment for rent, cosmetic selection, applying for a job or university everywhere. ORM is not a brand or business-specific requirement. The user tends to buy a product based on the opinion of experienced users. Hence regular interactions with customers are vital for your business growth.
  • Higher Trust : People trust a brand or a person with a good reputation more. These good ratings not only build and improve your brand trust also results in more business.

Everyone has an opinion hence it is very challenging to convince customers. A TCA online reputation management service connects you to the conversations that matter the most. We are a 12 year old online reputation management Indian company.

Online has a lot of filth but our artificial intelligence based software sieve the most relevant conversations to make insightful and data-driven decisions. If you want to grow your online reputation and hone customer perception, you just landed at the right place!