Target Right Audience with PPC

Advertising brings in the customers, but it is your job to keep them buying from you -Chet Holmes. Pay Per Click Services (PPC) comes under digital marketing where an advertiser pays a fee to the host site each time their ad is clicked. It is a way of driving in organic traffic to your site. It is a tested opportunity to drive and grow traffic and conversion metrics to your site. Pay Per Click Management and Advertising is a channel where you don't pay for occupying space on a website but only when your ad is clicked by an online user

Types of PPC Ads

Most of the PPC ads are appearing in search results. These ads are targeted basis keywords. Below you can read the main types of PPC ad formats.

  • Text Ads : One of the most used types of PPC ads is Text one. They majorly appear in the search result when a user searches with a particular keyword that is part of your campaign.
  • Display Ads : This type of ad you can see in the image of gif format. Advertisers need to follow size and content requirements when creating this visual ad.
  • Shopping Ads : Shopping ad includes all the basic information of the product searched. It contains an image, price, size, color, dimension, and other relevant specifications.

These ads are available on all major social platforms and search engines. Though, if you want to best utilize PPC, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are the most catering places.

PPC Advantages

If you run a website and most of your business is online driven, PPC is a must. Let's understand this in detail.

  • Generating Traffic : If your ad appears in the search result, you can quickly drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website. If you hire a professional team of TCA Technology for PPC Services India you can achieve one of the fastest internet marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversion growth.
  • Generating leads at a competitive price : PPC gets you the most relevant visitors. If you do the math, these leads are generated at a very low cost compared to other advertising campaigns. Google can also give you a discount based on their algorithms from the search engines for making their user happy.
  • High Conversion Ratio : Since the visitors have landed on your page after searching for a particular query or keyword, there are very high chances of conversion as the user is looking out for your product.

Key Word Research and PPC

Keyword research is very technical and time-consuming but if done pertinently can drive remarkable results. It is advisable to hire a professional when building a PPC campaign around a keyword. Keyword research for PPC is an ongoing task. If you sit back and relax after your initial keyword research homework for you one campaign, you would miss out on an ample number of other highly relevant long and short tail, low-cost keywords and more that can drive enormous traffic on your site. Few things you shall keep in mind:

  • Pertinent : Generating traffic is a big task and generating relevant traffic is even bigger. Your PPC keyword shall be relevant to the target audience so that you won't end up paying for users who are landing on your site and not interested in your offerings. Your keywords have to be related to the products you sell.
  • Comprehensive : Most used keywords might not always be of help. Long-tail keywords are specific and less common. And they drive the majority of relevant traffic of your niche.
  • Expansive : PPC keyword is a never-ending process. Continuous work is needed to generate constant traffic.

TCA Technologies is a reputed PPC Management Company in India. We provide an entire suite of pay per click services in a single tool. The tool is highly data-driven and its analysis shows where and how to make relevant improvements and save hard-earned money. If this interests you, reach out for more information.