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Measure Success of Social Media with SMO

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the procedure of building and enhancing social media plan to accomplish quantifiable results. Social Media is ubiquitous. The Internet shall now be added officially to Maslow's need hierarchy. With SMO one can grow its company's brand name on social media and also leverage gargantuan followers list to boost website traffic resulting in business growth. Social Media plays a vital role in increasing the SEO of your social pages and site resulting in improved search results and driving traffic. It is a way to create and promote your brand on social media giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and many more. An edifice authority website is always a task but this work has become a lot easier with SMO.

How to Begin

As the world is summing up on 6 inches of mobile screen to 14 inches of laptop it is always an ordeal to make an online visitor stay longer on your site. It is very critical to lowering down your bounce rate. One way is to provide them what they are looking for. Your pages shall be SEO optimized with internal linking so they keep hovering around your social media sites.

Content is and will always be King. You need to provide apt content backed with solid data to make sure you get the creditability. Unless you are a celebrity, only numbers with the source will make your content reliable. Content with images and statistics tends to gauge more time with social media pages. Responsiveness is the next in line critical attribute to work on. Your website or page shall be responsive on mobile and laptop as a visitor doesn't like to wait beyond two seconds on page loads and navigation. Design is another attribute that will decide your website bounce rate.


Over 87% of marketers use social media. It is a must to drive more leads to your business without a second thought. Below are the notable benefits of SMO.

  • Enhance Search Rankings : It is always a challenge to appear on 1st page of Google search results as 85% of visitors don't navigate to page 2. Posting on social media frequently with relevant keywords can drive more traffic and improve search ranking as well.
  • Increase Brand Awareness : More you are available on authentic and popular social media sites better for your brand equity. With SMO, you can establish goodwill for your target audience resulting in the brand presence and higher sales
  • Light on Pocket : Advertisement on social media is either free or available at a very reasonable fee compare to other streams. This helps in resulting in quick popularity at cheaper rates.
  • Transparency : With the help of SMO, your audience can give ratings and read reviews about your services and products with ease and without any hassle. You can respond to their needs and issues much faster which otherwise is not possible in a traditional set-up.

We are 12 years old social media optimization company in India based out of Noida. We have helped companies build better customer satisfaction meter at very effective rates. If you want to improve your brand awareness and loyalty with SMO reach out now. Sit back and relax while we work to improve your search ranking with SMO.